Merbatur ... Language immersion

We currently have the kind collaboration of our new language teaching teacher specialized in the Arabic language.

Sara Naas Bilbao was raised in a bilingual family speaking both Spanish and Arabic. This is where her passion for languages came from.

She is gifted in simplifying and explaining the concepts of languages to her students. Her approach to teaching is based on what she has learned based on experience in the classroom with her different student in the classroom as well as her own experience learning other languages therefore she knows the different challenges that learning a can bring and she truly understands her students´ needs as individuals having their own learning style and pace, custom-tailoring her lessons to fit the needs of her students. She was inspired to enhance professional learning through entertaining methods in order to help students overcome language learning barriers.

She has over eight years of experience in the instruction of languages. She has a specialized bachelor’s degree in English Philosophy from 2013 and a specialized degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in 2016. As well as She is currently studying Translation and Interpretation at the University of Granada (Spain).

And as a teacher she currently teaches Spanish, Arabic, & English.